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The Ways to Make Your Website ‘Sweet’ and Optimized

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Everybody has his own meaning of ‘sweet’. Some people (when they hear that) think about chocolate, some – about their home, some… a lot of variants. For me as for a web designer matter of grave importance is creation a memorable and at the same time easy catching perception of a website, sweet enough to come back.
To attract visitors to website you must give them a good reason to come, not only up-to-date information about your industry. You have to love your visitors and make their surfing easy and pleasant.

Be clear and precise. Be original. Be memorable. Be sweet.

The Ways to Make Your Website ‘Sweet’According to Krug’s first law of usability, don’t make the users think, let them “get it” – what they look for at your site – without expending any effort thinking about it. Visitors scan pages and your target is a website which is intuitively easy to use, indeed. Just
– let a user knows where he is located now;
– keep the navigation menu in the same place on every page;
– organize the content into groups;
– organize the site according to what your users are going to be looking for.

Be concise and keep focus. Keep it simple! That means keep web design and web development as simple as possible. You should avoid unnecessary information to don’t draw visitors’ attention away from what they require for. Usually people stay on websites for only 10-20 seconds after landing on – nobody has enough time to read every word (for example, long text blocks without images and keywords marked in bold or italics will be skipped).
Usually I follow these rules:
– standard font size and readable font family for long texts;
– white space – to bring air around the text blocks, it eases reading;
– clear color contrast (I like Gray – Red – White).

Complexity always makes a website sweet :) The complexity contains cognition, content and form. These three dimensions sum up how individuals sense a web site, the website’s content and the manner in which the web site is constructed. It’s the rule for your work.
There are a lot of ways to create a sweet holistic website. You are able to apply web 2.0 style to add some sweetness – big buttons with rounded corners, big text boxes, specific colors and also rich components. You are able to apply any style you like, just keep in mind – clearness, simplicity and complexity help you to bring harmony to the website design and make visitors’ life more sweet. And optimize your website.

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