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The right scrum meeting

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The scrum meeting is the up-to 15 minute meeting (to keep the discussion brisk but relevant) that makes product development team work more productive and efficient.
Well organized scrum meetings can become an invaluable tool for keeping the development process on track. Run badly scrums are expensive waste of everyone’s time.

The right scrum meeting

See below some tips and tricks to help your scrum meeting run like a lean, mean and effective machine. Feel free to use these points as your reminder:

Execute daily warm up
For each team member, perform the following:
1. Good news
2. What I did well yesterday
3. Today is successful if…
4. Biggest concern or blocker
Daily scrum is not about following a checklist – it’s about collaboration. This scrum is about active, focused listening — take the time to understand what your teammates are saying as opposed to focusing on what it is you are going to say.
The daily scrum can still get boring. Try to keep it fresh by having everyone tell a joke, get something fun. It can build team rapport.

Execute project manager dashboard review
1. Daily – is there any resource allocation conflict?
2. Daily – are we still on target for sprint/ milestone? Are we in time/ scope/ budget?
Every Monday it makes sense to review resource allocation & project status dashboards.

Execute board scrum
For each team member, perform the following:
1. Provide update on ‘Now’ tasks.
2. Specify today’s actions to support now tasks, requests for help, and any blockers.
3. Identify need to evaluate any short term parking or long term parking items.

It doesn’t matter, are you a large corporation or a small business, do you work on web or mobile projects – an effective daily stand-up is a chance to review progress, get feedback, measure productivity and adapt together as a team.

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