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The Creative Process for iPascher logo

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Your logo needs to have an effect to your brand infallible – it will play a exceeding role in your brand recognition.

My client’s business is e-commerce – selling books with low prices (“i Pas cher”) through the internet. So I’ve got a thought: if their prices low, may be so low, that purchase is like a gift. It’s cheap like “buy something for a song”.

a book

The next my step was a drawing. I drew books, gift boxes, bows for gift boxes… I drew and drank tons of coffee (coffee is for my creativity).

a gift box
a styled book

Choosing the Typography
I’ve got it! Fine, but the question is which font I am to use. The customer asked me about IPhone style, so I use Helvetica-Condensed-Thin (I cut it a little, so what?). And a glassy effect.

a styled gift box
a Web2 box

Probably my process is too simple, but I hope I tell you something useful – how it works :)

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