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Scrolling Text with <marquee> Tag

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<marquee> tag is a non-standard HTML element, but <marquee> is recognized by most of today’s browsers and cross-browser compatible enough. It was introduced by Microsoft in early versions of IE and now I find its description at W3C Working Draft (so it has a future).

width: the width of the marquee (by default 100%)
height: the height
direction: which direction the marquee should scroll (left, right, up, down)
behavior: the type of scrolling
scrolldelay: how long to delay between each jump
scrollamount: how far to jump
loop: how many times to loop
bgcolor: background color
hspace: horizontal space around the marquee
vspace: vertical space around the marquee

The Example:
Scrolling Text with <marquee> Tag


  1. <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="5" widht="600px">Scrolling Text with <marquee> Tag</marquee>

Feel free to make an experiment with attributes’ values, you could achieve interesting results ))

Well, as for me, a <marquee> tag may be helpfull… sometimes, it’s pretty ‘cheap and cheerful’ :) And I’ll look for any JavaScript… just because I like it more.

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