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Preload Images with CSS

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When I have been working at one web site, I’ve got a trouble: some images (buttons) were loading too slow. I find that I have to speed up page display and deside to fix this using CSS – yes, you don’t need to paste JavaScript to preload your images.

First I create a class with display set ‘none’ at the ‘head’ section (or sure! you can place this class at stylesheet.css):

  1. .hiddenPic {display:none;}

And the ‘body’ section:
My buttons (menu):

  1. <div><a href="about.html"><img src="images/image1.jpg" /></a></div>
  2. <div><a href="gallery.html"><img src="images/image2.jpg" /></a></div>
  3. <div><a href="publication.html"><img src="images/image3.jpg" /></a></div>
  4. <div><a href="events.html"><img src="images/image4.jpg" /></a></div>
  5. <div><a href="contact.html"><img src="images/image5.jpg" /></a></div>

I add image tags for my pictures to the bottom of the home page (to the bottom of the page – before </body> – to display as soon as possible, prior to the browser starts to open the next page; then you can reference to the images anywhere and the images will load from browser cache memory):

  1. <img src="images/image1.jpg" height="128" width="36" class="hiddenPic">
  2. <img src="images/image2.jpg" height="128" width="36" class="hiddenPic">
  3. <img src="images/image3.jpg" height="128" width="36" class="hiddenPic">
  4. <img src="images/image4.jpg" height="128" width="36" class="hiddenPic">
  5. <img src="images/image5.jpg" height="128" width="36" class="hiddenPic">

(Note: the height and width attributes can help a little with speed, so I use them).
And it’s working!

The Creative Process for iPascher logo

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Your logo needs to have an effect to your brand infallible – it will play a exceeding role in your brand recognition.

My client’s business is e-commerce – selling books with low prices (“i Pas cher”) through the internet. So I’ve got a thought: if their prices low, may be so low, that purchase is like a gift. It’s cheap like “buy something for a song”.

a book

The next my step was a drawing. I drew books, gift boxes, bows for gift boxes… I drew and drank tons of coffee (coffee is for my creativity).

a gift box
a styled book

Choosing the Typography
I’ve got it! Fine, but the question is which font I am to use. The customer asked me about IPhone style, so I use Helvetica-Condensed-Thin (I cut it a little, so what?). And a glassy effect.

a styled gift box
a Web2 box

Probably my process is too simple, but I hope I tell you something useful – how it works :)

Golden Autumn

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My favorite time of year is autumn.

Falling leaves, red and yellow…bright yellow, golden.
I decide to bring a little bit of autumn at my home. I take a few leaves and a spray can.

Please take a look:

an ancient flowerpot with strawberry
flowerpot + leaves
it's golden
a dragonfly

Design and Coffee

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I work with Photoshop and Visual Studio, use some JavaScript (instead of Flash :) and tons of coffee (coffee fuels my creativity).

But some people use coffee in a different way.

Coffee art is a truly unique art form. It requires a thoughtful and delicate touch. Capturing the depth of these classic works is only possible through a slow process of building layers upon layers of espresso.

coffee art by Angel Sarkela & Andy Saur
coffee picture by Angel Sarkela & Andy Saur
coffee NY by Karen http://coffee-art.com

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Decoration with Seashells

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If you are like me, you find it very difficult to return home from a beach vacation without at least a few shells.

Usually I bring to home more than “a few”. This is great and wonderful, I love shells and love having them around me.

But at last you’ve set and thought: “O my God, I have something to do with all those seashells”.
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