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Paint Your Way, or about Oil Painting

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Photographers paint with light (the light rays collected by the lens (a digital camera uses an array of millions of tiny light cavities) and “draws” an image). Designers have powerful set of programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max and so on, which help to produce and edit images in any specific way. Painters create beautiful pieces of art with brushes, canvas and colors. You can get amazing work with any method above.. and I decided to play a little with oil painting.

What about inspiration?
I’m located at the southern part of Ukraine, the place with a lot of scenic spots. Enough to look around to get inspiration for design usually! It’s autumn at its finest time now and my choice was still life with pears.

Oil painting  | very beginning
Pictures above: Still life with pears – at the very beginning

The biggest advantage of oil paint for me – it’s slow drying (you can remove what you don’t like while it’s wet) or you can paint over it (when it’s dry). Being accustomed to work with Photoshop.. you should make your mind to think outside the ‘usual’ box, but to be honest – I do prefer to mix oil paints on palette than work with an eyedropper tool (even with all my love to digital fine art), the process itself gives me a lot of emotions.

On the other hand, I started my still life as any web project –
gather information (found my sweet beautiful pears),
set the composition,
make sketches (let me say ‘wireframing’),
painting (or development) – it’s the key phase for me,
testing and delivery (I’ll upload the final result to share the one with my visitors).

If you like your occupation, you see it everywhere – and that’s great. Meanwhile I’m going to add one more interesting still life to my collection – and that’s great also :)

Oil painting  | Still life with pears

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