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How to Use Multiple Fonts powered by Cufón on the Same Page

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When I need to use any custom font at my design, my usual choice is Cufon javascript library. Once I was trying to implement 2 different cufon fonts on the same page. The solution is pretty easy, but you should know where to look for ))

  1. <script type="text/javascript">
  2.         $(document).ready(function () {      
  3.         Cufon.replace('.apercu_bold', { fontFamily: 'Apercu' });
  4.         Cufon.replace('.apercu_reg', { fontFamily: 'Apercu Light' });  
  5.         });  
  6. </script>

How do I know that my fontFamily are ‘Apercu’ and ‘Apercu Light’? I’ve generated 2 files for my fonts (apercu_700.font.js and apercu_light_300.font.js). Cufon is getting the registration information with the curve data for each font. So if you view the source, you find how your custom fonts are named – line 29 for me, Cufon.registerFont({“w”:213,”face”:{“font-family”:”Apercu”,…}});

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