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How to create amazing Instagram feed for business

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If you look for promotion your business on socials, Instagram ranks high on the list. This app is all about the visuals. While using Instagram for business keep in mind that you should build a unified and recognizable brand identity.

Your Instagram feed is a reflection of what and why :) your company is. It’s all about being deliberate with your posts. Your brand colors and could they be highlighted in the feed, any graphical elements, photo filters, other effects to underline a company style – anything that creates aesthetic – works.

One more important point for me is a great picture. Good by quality, interesting by subject photos should be your priority.

So how to build amazing Instagram feed look?

Let’s do a research for the BJL travel agency.

1. Establish a consistent theme.

Instagram account should be the same style as all of the branded materials — such as website, logo and marketing collateral. A big part of understanding your brand also means that you need to remember who your audience and what type of content is the most preferred.
I produced such set of elements (keeping in mind that the company slogan is ‘travelling over the world with compatriots’):

BJL branding elements

Now I can combine the graphic elements with wordings or pictures to follow BJL company’s style.

2. Develop a content pattern

Sounds like a trick! And this trick works like a charm – a content plan will make your feed flow and prevent it from becoming a shamble.

It’s not easy to make all your individual photos look good beside each other. The best way to manage an Instagram feed is to preview it as grid beforehand and arrange photos in the best way. I use Photoshop for prototyping, but any graphic redactor will be fine also.

Pattern for instagram feed

Please see the result:

Example of instagram feed theming

Here are a couple of advises:
– Combine dark images with light ones and highlight special colors.
– Make use of negative space.
– Think about #hashtag for your brand.
– Don’t spam your feed with advertisement posts only.

Keeping a theme will help you post cool things on Instagram without being boring – something for you to stay close to your brand and building your feed following while sharing interesting posts.

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