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Grunge Style Inspiration

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Grunge is a stylish design trend. It looks a little bit ‘dirty’ and faded, but helps to create less structured and ‘free form’ designs.
Grunge poster

To fit grunge look and feel you have to use textured backgrounds, ragged edges, worn and faded graphics, hand-written elements and be inspired by urban lifestyle. For such kind of design your colors should be subdued – brown, beige, grey, black (well, that’s not the rule for advertising types of photos, but I’m not going to sell Big Macs). The more bright colors make the impression less evident.

Nowadays designers mix styles to achieve the best result. Well, for web designing I prefer to use some grunged elements – to make the result more sweet :) The only grunge style in is too specified, however it may suit some music bands.

I was inspired to make a poster. The hardest point of this work was to put together the whole wide range of different elements… hope, you like that too.

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