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Effective Time Management: Meetings

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There is an important shift for the right time management in focus from activities to results: being busy is not the same as being effective.

Everybody knows this stressful feeling when a day completely filled with meetings and you ask yourself: ‘When do I get to do my real job?’. The only correct question here is ‘Was that worth the time I just spent?’. If you left meetings saying ‘That was good conversation, but what do they expect me to do? Does this make me more effective?’, then it is not worth your time.

Meetings can help facilitate communication. Disappointment is derived from unmet expectations. Communicating ever changing status helps set or reset expectations and dispel disappointment.

Effective time management

Working as a web designer, I have to communicate with my clients and spend amount of my time for meetings also. Here are some my tips to run effective and efficient meetings:

1. Set clear objectives for the meeting.
Your meeting must have a specific purpose. It helps you with planning and at the end you can evaluate the result. Were you successful in meeting the objectives? Do you need another meeting? If yes – why?

2. Consider who is invited.
Check who must attend for the meeting to succeed. If you are trying to find the solution for the problem, invite the people who could help and provide the useful information.

3. Stick to your schedule.
Provide all participants with an agenda that lays out everything you plan to cover in the meeting. A timeline with a list of the topics to be covered and time to each item would be helpful also.

4. Be punctual! Start on time, end on time.
Time is money. Don’t make the people who were there on time by waiting for others who are late.

5. Keep a record.
At the end of the meeting, quickly summarize the more important decisions that have been taken and inform participants that you will be sending out a meeting summary.

If you ask yourself: ‘Is this meeting worth the time I am spending to be in?’ and the answer is ‘yes’, then your time was valuable to ensure alignment and progress on a project, task or issue.
Good time management lets you work smarter and get more done in less time.

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