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Design and Coffee

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I work with Photoshop and Visual Studio, use some JavaScript (instead of Flash :) and tons of coffee (coffee fuels my creativity).

But some people use coffee in a different way.

Coffee art is a truly unique art form. It requires a thoughtful and delicate touch. Capturing the depth of these classic works is only possible through a slow process of building layers upon layers of espresso.

coffee art by Angel Sarkela & Andy Saur
coffee picture by Angel Sarkela & Andy Saur
coffee NY by Karen http://coffee-art.com

They are painting with coffee.
They are painting with coffee, milk, chocolate, cappuccino. They make their days more beautiful.

They do it in different ways:

a cup of coffee 1
a cup of coffee 2
a cup of coffee 3
a cup of coffee 4
a cup of coffee 5
a cup of coffee 6
a cup of coffee 7
a cup of coffee 8

 So, I’m going to drink a cup of coffee, and what about you?

You could be interested to read about Oil Painting also.

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One Comment on “Design and Coffee”

  1. 1 Alexander Perandin Moreira said at 4:58 am on January 7th, 2011:
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    Yes, I paint with coffee since the 90’s and it’s really amazing. I love the plasticity of this monochromatic kind of painting. It’s really good to make portraits, that look like old photos. Please feel free to visit my fotolog and see some samples!

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