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How to Take Great Photos to Promote your Property (in plain English)

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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words – and in our case it’s the photographs that do the talking for you. If you work on creating print production like me, you know the significal role of photos. Except the overall quality of the design itself, photos used in an issue can impact the reader experience – in a good or bad way. At its best, photography can act with the rest of magazine’s layout elements, which are arranged to create a cohesive whole. And at its worst, low-quality shots can damage all the hard work the magazine designer has put into her ;) creation.

For me there are 3 main components of any well-done photo – composition, technical side and idea, they are a base of successful photography. Using this knowledge while taking your shots, you’ll be able to achieve better results.

– Good Light
The best times to take photos are early in the morning or late in the afternoon – natural light is the best and easiest one to take shots, the more if you are not a professional. You can measure this time by your own shadow – it should be longer then you are.
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