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The Ways to Make Your Website ‘Sweet’ and Optimized

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Everybody has his own meaning of ‘sweet’. Some people (when they hear that) think about chocolate, some – about their home, some… a lot of variants. For me as for a web designer matter of grave importance is creation a memorable and at the same time easy catching perception of a website, sweet enough to come back.
To attract visitors to website you must give them a good reason to come, not only up-to-date information about your industry. You have to love your visitors and make their surfing easy and pleasant.

Be clear and precise. Be original. Be memorable. Be sweet.

The Ways to Make Your Website ‘Sweet’According to Krug’s first law of usability, don’t make the users think, let them “get it” – what they look for at your site – without expending any effort thinking about it. Visitors scan pages and your target is a website which is intuitively easy to use, indeed. Just
– let a user knows where he is located now;
– keep the navigation menu in the same place on every page;
– organize the content into groups;
– organize the site according to what your users are going to be looking for.

Be concise and keep focus. Keep it simple! That means keep web design and web development as simple as possible. You should avoid unnecessary information to don’t draw visitors’ attention away from what they require for. Usually people stay on websites for only 10-20 seconds after landing on – nobody has enough time to read every word (for example, long text blocks without images and keywords marked in bold or italics will be skipped).
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Website Design Styles – How to Create the Holistic Website

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My great passion in life is photography. So when I look at websites I see the finished holistic composition. This composition is invariable the combination of several distinct website design style features – images, layout, typography, illustration, etc.

I believe that for website work the same principles apply as with photography: balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance and unity. My favourite photographer is Michael Kenna, his works illustrate these principles very well. The question is if you are able to apply these principles, to use separate website design style features to create a holistic website or not. For sure – always remember the importance of usability, because the result of your work, the website, should be a practical tool which fulfils its function.

Knowledge of composition alone is not enough to create fresh and unique website design style. Every artist has his own inimitable ‘hand’, his style. The website style created will depend on the objectives of the website, it’s target market, the products or services supplied by it’s owner or the type of information it needs to convey.

Below are some examples of website design styles (just pay attention – designers love mix styles :)

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The Three Components of Website’s Success

Posted: March 21st, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Creative Process | Tags: , , | 1 Comment »

I find that there are three main components to a successful website: content, design and technology. They compliment each other and in whole help to open website’s full potential.

the three components
If you have well-written content and a user can easily navigate the website, studies have shown that the user will spend more time looking through your website. The content should be useful and interesting, designed for the target audience, and with the application of advanced technologies, your visitors positive experience will be guaranteed.

The total Web Design package should work toward the presentation of content. One of the rules of creating a successful web presentation is to always try maintain a good balance of content, design and technology, while keeping a close focus on the customer experience.

Your website is the “Calling Card” of your business on the web, and could give a new customer either a good or bad first impression of your business.

It all rests with you to help achieve it’s success.

Just come out strong, and put your best foot forward!

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The Creative Process for iPascher logo

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Your logo needs to have an effect to your brand infallible – it will play a exceeding role in your brand recognition.

My client’s business is e-commerce – selling books with low prices (“i Pas cher”) through the internet. So I’ve got a thought: if their prices low, may be so low, that purchase is like a gift. It’s cheap like “buy something for a song”.

a book

The next my step was a drawing. I drew books, gift boxes, bows for gift boxes… I drew and drank tons of coffee (coffee is for my creativity).

a gift box
a styled book

Choosing the Typography
I’ve got it! Fine, but the question is which font I am to use. The customer asked me about IPhone style, so I use Helvetica-Condensed-Thin (I cut it a little, so what?). And a glassy effect.

a styled gift box
a Web2 box

Probably my process is too simple, but I hope I tell you something useful – how it works :)

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