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Are You a Team Player?

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It’s impossible to overestimate such trait as ‘being a team player‘. Because if you are a part of a team, you do need to communicate with others while working at common projects. And the result of such cooperation is wrapped up in your congruence.
being a team player

I’m fond of playing badminton. And according to my private experience, have to say that at a pair game a team of two weaker players is able to gain victory over strong strikes if their movements are not coordinated quite well. If you are playing doubles, you must smash them before they smash you. If you understand every movement of your partner, if your pair works well together – then you control the whole court throughout and drive the play in the right direction.

The same rule works for business.

What makes someone a good team player? It is not only about of doing a job well. The more important the final result of joint efforts than your own individual goals.

The ability to be a team player depends on such factors:

– Understanding the team’s objectives (or in other words, the specific goals that the team will accomplish; the basis of the team’s planned work).
– Being a reliable person, able to work well with others.
– Being flexible. Being open to new ideas and adaptable to an ever-changing world in which we operate.
– Communication skills. A team consists of people who intercommunicate and express their thoughts and ideas. If they are not able to share their achievements – then no sense at such cooperation.

A good team player understands that success is a team achievement and cares about the team’s overall work. And the well done job as a result is the best motivation.

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