I'm a Passionate Designer / Front-End Developer

About Me and My Country (in just a few words)

Ukraine is my country

I’m primarily a UX/ UI designer and front-end developer dedicated to deliver robust, engaging websites and apps that work across all devices. Being freelance allows me to provide solutions with fast turnaround times and great support.

I’m located in Ukraine, but serve clients around the world. I contact directly all my clients, so that they get exactly what they expect. I'm technical and easy to work with, the time zone GMT +2 lets me to communicate with customers as convenient as possible.

Probably, I'm not a typical web developer who sits inside a dark room all the days and nights. My life full of other things that take up a bit of time, one of them is photography.

The bright sun in the blue sky, yellow fields, green forests – Ukraine turns out to be a near perfect place, enough to cast a look outside to get inspiration. I live in Kherson, it's a city in southern Ukraine on the right bank of the Dnieper river not far away from the Black sea within the dry Tavriya steppe (Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe). In winter it's snowing and our summer is hot. My country is open for tourists, there are a lot of beautiful places - check my Flickr album to see, my camera always at the ready! And anyway, my main love is design and development :)

Why choose SWD

  • I deliver innovative, creative, digital solutions for your business.

  • Being a freelance web designer, I enjoy producing web sites, applications or anything web-design related. I mix art and modern web technology to create the designs you love. Designs that work.

    Skills and Expertise:

    UX/ UI Design, Custom Design, Mobile, Print Design, Logos, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Angular, XAML, WordPress, osCommerce, SEO, eMail Design and much more..

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